To celebrate my bday I took myself skydiving.  Then I went to an awesome hippie restaurant in SLC called Oasis Cafe and ate DELICIOUS things:  Tapenade, Hummus, Caponata, Spanish Cheese, Vegan Chocolate Cake!! OMG! Now it is the day before my birthday and I want to celebrate my last day of being 23 rather than celebrate me being older tomorrow :( UGH! So I am going to make a (hopefully) delicious Strawberry Almond Cake for myself to blow candles out on, buy Sherlock Holmes 2 as a birthday gift to myself, and have my friends sing "A very happy unbirthday to you" to me.  It's going to be epic.

Anyone who is thinking about skydiving---IT IS AWESOME! I almost threw up on myself at the very end when we were about to hit the ground but besides that it was awesome and I would do it again.  I recommend it to everyone.  Even old people-I'm not joking there was an 80 something year old grandma that went up on the plane before me and jumped out, she survived....I'm pretty sure someone said she threw up in the plane but hey whatevs, she's still pretty dang cool if you ask me.

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