I worked out at 6am and it felt great.  The only part that didn't feel great was actually getting out of the bed but once I was up it was all good. I'm a night owl and prefer to workout after work but my personal trainer Anna (also one of my good friends from high school) said it would be good for me to workout in the morning with her and the other trainers.  

Conclusion: Oy! Caffeine + Me = 6AM Gym Possibilities

I've been nomming on my potato gatto all week and it's delicious.  I'm probably going to try making my own noodles soon.  I am hoping to make them out of spinach, egg whites, and garbanzo bean flour.  I'm pretty excited.

I also defatted some nuts.  Yes you heard right.  I wanted to make defatted sunflower seed flour because it is really low in calories.  After much research I discovered I would either have to buy an oil press/expeller(they're expensive) and take the squashed remains and put them in the blender or I would need to chop them, boil them, dump it all into a fine sieve (to get rid of the oil and water), dry them, and then put them in the blender.  I know it's a long long process to make some low-cal flour.
I'm poor so I decided to take the long route of boiling them.  IT WORKED! Sweet success!  I actually did it on pumpkin seeds because that's what I had on hand and I figured I could sacrifice a tablespoon for my experiment.  I have yet to try it with the sunflower seed nuts but that's ok, I'm pretty confident it will work the same.

I also discovered you can strain nonfat greek yogurt (any yogurt will work) to make a cream cheese substitute.  I did it and I was having doubts but guess what?! It totally worked! and I made a Japanese style cheesecake with it. NOM NOM NOM!

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