Holy hell I've turned into the exact opposite of who I thought I was....I HATE cooking and baking and yet somehow I have developed a slight obsession with it.  OMG.  How did this happen?

I came home from work today and I seriously just wanted to go to sleep and not deal with the world for a while.  I was exhausted and mentally tired of trying to wrap my head around all the crazy stuff that has been happening lately.  Instead of sleeping or something like that I went to the store and bought some zucchini, tomatoes, tahini, onions, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, and almond milk.  

Four and a half hours later I had created a variety of things and by a variety I mean seven different recipes.  Whoa.  I am so insane.

I learned a lot of things from this little misadventure: my blender sucks at pureeing chickpeas, applesauce as a sweetener tastes awful in pumpkin egg omlettes, artichoke hearts are not by the pickles in Albertsons they are by the canned vegetables, and chickpea patties overflowing with parsley tastes just fine.

Here is a list of the things I made:
   Spinach Artichoke Hummus
   Barked Parmesan Tomatoes
   Chickpea Patties
   Zucchini Fries and Tomato Slices
   Zucchini Hot Cakes
   Veggie Muffin Omelettes
   Pumpkin Muffin Omelettes

The spinach artichoke hummus is delicious-a little thin due to me having to put water in there to get it to blend-but still good.  The baked parmesan tomatoes were better in theory....baked tomatoes are not nearly as good at uncooked tomatoes...that's just me though.  The chickpea patties ended up a disaster because the damn blender wouldn't blend them.  I was also getting lazy at that point so I didn't chop up my parsley before throwing it in and there was A LOT of it.  The goo mixture tasted just fine...it didn't look so great and it wasn't smooth because my blender sucks but still it was tasty.  The zucchini fires and tomatoes were semi-good/semi-weird and I don't know how I feel about them.  The zucchini hot cakes were pretty tasty but I messed up and put an egg yolk in and overall too much egg but besides that they were still pretty good.  The veggie muffin omlettes were actually pretty good I wish I'd had a better variety of vegetables but still I thought they were rather tasty for what they were.  The pumpkin muffin omlettes were interesting.  I put stevia in two, applesauce in one, and brown sugar in another.  The result....the stevia ones were the best.  The applesauce one was disgusting but that is probably due to the fact that the applesauce was unsweetened and I forgot this at the time.  The brown sugar one was way too sweet....barf.  Anyways! In conclusion the hummus, zucchini hot cakes, and chickpea patties (minus the complications) were pretty good.  The veggie muffin omelettes were decent and the pumpkin ones have potential but I will need to tinker with them some more and the zucchini fries and parmesan tomatoes are tolerable but not that great.

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