August 18, 2012
.6 mile swim, 14.2 mile bike, 3.1 run

The swim was first and I didn't wear a wetsuit.  I was worried it would be super cold.  It wasn't.  It was actually really nice.  We swam at Rainbow Lake just out of Rexburg, ID.  For me the swim was the hardest.  I was good that it was first.  Then came the biking.  It was probably the easiest part of the race but going up hill was beastly in some spots.  I think that was just because I was so tired from swimming.  Then the run, it wasn't so bad.  I didn't really like the part of the run where we went through sagebrush and dirt though because there were 4-wheeler tracks that made two big ruts in the trail and i kept feeling like I was going to break an ankle.  Also the last little chunk of the run that was in the dirt area went straight up hill but besides that it was a good run.

I haven't been that exhausted in a long time.  If you want to really push yourself do a triathlon!  It was awesome.  I loved loved loved it.   I want to pick it up as a hobby.  

In conclusion if you have been thinking about doing a triathlon...DO IT!!! Yo

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